Obeah From Tomorrow (2017)
02:38 | collaboration with Ociele Hawkin

Speaking to us from the future via digital video, Obeah responds to the question, "If all the oppressions that marginalized me were gone how would I arrive?" At the 5-year anniversary of liberation from capitalism which was fought for and won through organizing, Obeah reflects on her journey. This piece is in celebration of self love, and healing the relationship we have with ourselves. Hard work, and ultimate joy. 



Fantasy Girl (2018)
01:52 | collaboration with Fantasy Girl



Eros  (2017)
02:04 | collaboration with Luzifer Priest

A captivating and romantic dreamscape of divine mystic witch Luzifer Priest taking a lavish milky hot bath with herself in the futuristic steam machine. Oozing femininity and sensuality, she grabs your attention and leaves you creamy and wet. Nominated for an best short at the Feminist Porn Awards at Toronto International Porn Film Festival.  Please request a link to see the full video.